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One Stop E-Commerce Solution

In today’s ever-changing world of ecommerce, the logistics chain is the lifeline of success. The fundamental key here is moving goods from their starting point to the end-user in the most efficient and profitable way. This process involves optimizing business essentials such as warehousing, packaging, tracking, handling, distribution, and even security. In our current on-demand economy where speed is critical, you need a strategy that’s more than just about spend, with an emphasis on innovation and transforming the way you do business with greater insight.

If you are wondering what a one-stop delivery solution is, it means you can handle the delivery process from A-Z via the same provider.

The traditional delivery process requires you to dress up, head to the post office with the parcels, fill in the consignment note, and wait for your turn before handing the parcels over the counter.

In sharp contrast, a one-stop delivery solution such as Amvines combines all the delivery functions in a single convenient interface. It will allow you to compare prices, pay online, print labels instantly and enjoy door-to-door pickup of parcels right from your doorstep!

Why many ecommerce merchants are using Amvines as their delivery solution:

  Competitive prices

  Special deals and promotions

  User-friendly interface

  Pay online

  Track shipment

  Bulk Upload

  Door-to-door pickups

  24/7 Customer Support

  All Bangladesh Coverage


However, what do you do when your warehouse needs to transport items to your other properties, outlet store or customers? The answer to this question is our expert warehousing couriers. We can help transport your warehouse’s supplies from one location to the next with our fast and reliable courier services, with an easy-to-use tracking system included too.

Large or small, short term or long term, let Amvines handle all your essential warehousing needs with the same dependability and standards of excellence that we are known for in all our services. Amvines warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance and alarm systems, together with a professionally trained staff.

If you’re looking for stable warehousing couriers, place your trust in Amvines and sign up today.

Customer Services

Amvines is a Bangladeshi courier and delivery services company headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company operates in three countries in the world: Bangladesh, France & Switzerland. Our service offerings include expedited same-day deliveries, one-hour deliveries, scheduled deliveries, COD, 24/7 customer service, dedicated staff and warehousing & distribution. Our company provides very competitively priced services for companies large and small.

  Single Point of contact while leveraging our inter-company network for smooth communication

  Scheduled Amazon appointments based on ETA to avoid delays

  Customs compliance and classification consultation

  Prep services including kitting, labeling, pick pack, and palletising to spec

  Multiple vendor consolidations coordinated by our Asia offices

  Highly experienced E-Commerce pricing team

  Domestic and International Services

  Inventory Control

  Climate-Controlled Warehousing


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Fast Transportion Service

Fast transportation services are ideal for individuals or businesses that need to send packages that are time-sensitive or require immediate delivery. Some of the key benefits of using fast transportation services include reduced shipping times, more efficient delivery routes, real-time tracking, and improved delivery accuracy.

Safety and Reliability

When it comes to courier and delivery services, both safety and reliability are crucial to ensuring that packages are delivered on time and in good condition. Choosing a company that prioritizes safety and reliability will give you peace of mind and ensure that your packages arrive at their destinations as expected.

Shipping Worldwide

To facilitate worldwide shipping, companies use a variety of transportation methods including air freight, sea freight, and ground transport. The choice of transportation method will depend on factors such as the size and weight of the package, delivery time-frame, and the destination country.

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  আপনাদের সাথেই আছি ইনশাআল্লাহ। সকল এম্ভিনেসের রাইডার, স্টাফদের মন থেকে ভালবাসা কারণ তারা আমাদের পথ...

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